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Lucy García Contemporary Art

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Sometimes words arise in the artist's consciousness spontaneously, unexpectedly, mysteriously if you will, and express something that remained hidden in the deep waters of the subconscious... ​

Thus, in this way, the title of this body of works arose: “Essays on Infinity”

The number and the word have always been present in my thoughts and my work, with different reflections and intentions they have acquired presence in series such as “The quiet word” and “Orígenes”.

On this occasion they always emerge as an expression of that which within me plastically metaphorizes this feeling, this intimate intuition, subtle and intangible, the Infinite.

The word, the number and the color make up a symbolic trilogy, a metaphor for its infinite possibilities of manifestation: sound, time and light.

I believe that this work is in a certain way an attempt to immerse ourselves in the work and take us to that moment in which art rescues us from the noise and din of this world and takes us inside where time stops and only the voice is heard. of silence.

– Fernando Varela

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